Vehicle Information Types

Vehicle Information TypeDescription
VEHICLE_MODEL_INFO_FRONTSEATPosition of the front seat*
VEHICLE_MODEL_INFO_REARSEATPosition of the rear seat*
VEHICLE_MODEL_INFO_PETROLCAPPosition of the fuel cap*
VEHICLE_MODEL_INFO_WHEELSFRONTPosition of the front wheels*
VEHICLE_MODEL_INFO_WHEELSREARPosition of the rear wheels*
VEHICLE_MODEL_INFO_WHEELSMIDPosition of the middle wheels (applies to vehicles with 3 axes)*
VEHICLE_MODEL_INFO_FRONT_BUMPER_ZHeight of the front bumper
VEHICLE_MODEL_INFO_REAR_BUMPER_ZHeight of the rear bumper

* = These values are calculated from the center of the vehicle.

Related Functions

  • GetVehicleModelInfo: Retrieve information about a specific vehicle model such as the size or position of seats.