Vehicle Color IDs


As of SA-MP 0.3x, the following information is outdated. Vehicle colour IDs from 128 to 255 have been intentionally replaced with new colours. Check the second picture for the up to date colours for 0.3x.


Colours added as of SA-MP 0.3x


new VehicleColoursTableRGBA[256] = {
// The existing colours from San Andreas
0x000000FF, 0xF5F5F5FF, 0x2A77A1FF, 0x840410FF, 0x263739FF, 0x86446EFF, 0xD78E10FF, 0x4C75B7FF, 0xBDBEC6FF, 0x5E7072FF,
0x46597AFF, 0x656A79FF, 0x5D7E8DFF, 0x58595AFF, 0xD6DAD6FF, 0x9CA1A3FF, 0x335F3FFF, 0x730E1AFF, 0x7B0A2AFF, 0x9F9D94FF,
0x3B4E78FF, 0x732E3EFF, 0x691E3BFF, 0x96918CFF, 0x515459FF, 0x3F3E45FF, 0xA5A9A7FF, 0x635C5AFF, 0x3D4A68FF, 0x979592FF,
0x421F21FF, 0x5F272BFF, 0x8494ABFF, 0x767B7CFF, 0x646464FF, 0x5A5752FF, 0x252527FF, 0x2D3A35FF, 0x93A396FF, 0x6D7A88FF,
0x221918FF, 0x6F675FFF, 0x7C1C2AFF, 0x5F0A15FF, 0x193826FF, 0x5D1B20FF, 0x9D9872FF, 0x7A7560FF, 0x989586FF, 0xADB0B0FF,
0x848988FF, 0x304F45FF, 0x4D6268FF, 0x162248FF, 0x272F4BFF, 0x7D6256FF, 0x9EA4ABFF, 0x9C8D71FF, 0x6D1822FF, 0x4E6881FF,
0x9C9C98FF, 0x917347FF, 0x661C26FF, 0x949D9FFF, 0xA4A7A5FF, 0x8E8C46FF, 0x341A1EFF, 0x6A7A8CFF, 0xAAAD8EFF, 0xAB988FFF,
0x851F2EFF, 0x6F8297FF, 0x585853FF, 0x9AA790FF, 0x601A23FF, 0x20202CFF, 0xA4A096FF, 0xAA9D84FF, 0x78222BFF, 0x0E316DFF,
0x722A3FFF, 0x7B715EFF, 0x741D28FF, 0x1E2E32FF, 0x4D322FFF, 0x7C1B44FF, 0x2E5B20FF, 0x395A83FF, 0x6D2837FF, 0xA7A28FFF,
0xAFB1B1FF, 0x364155FF, 0x6D6C6EFF, 0x0F6A89FF, 0x204B6BFF, 0x2B3E57FF, 0x9B9F9DFF, 0x6C8495FF, 0x4D8495FF, 0xAE9B7FFF,
0x406C8FFF, 0x1F253BFF, 0xAB9276FF, 0x134573FF, 0x96816CFF, 0x64686AFF, 0x105082FF, 0xA19983FF, 0x385694FF, 0x525661FF,
0x7F6956FF, 0x8C929AFF, 0x596E87FF, 0x473532FF, 0x44624FFF, 0x730A27FF, 0x223457FF, 0x640D1BFF, 0xA3ADC6FF, 0x695853FF,
0x9B8B80FF, 0x620B1CFF, 0x5B5D5EFF, 0x624428FF, 0x731827FF, 0x1B376DFF, 0xEC6AAEFF, 0x000000FF,
// SA-MP extended colours (0.3x)
0x177517FF, 0x210606FF, 0x125478FF, 0x452A0DFF, 0x571E1EFF, 0x010701FF, 0x25225AFF, 0x2C89AAFF, 0x8A4DBDFF, 0x35963AFF,
0xB7B7B7FF, 0x464C8DFF, 0x84888CFF, 0x817867FF, 0x817A26FF, 0x6A506FFF, 0x583E6FFF, 0x8CB972FF, 0x824F78FF, 0x6D276AFF,
0x1E1D13FF, 0x1E1306FF, 0x1F2518FF, 0x2C4531FF, 0x1E4C99FF, 0x2E5F43FF, 0x1E9948FF, 0x1E9999FF, 0x999976FF, 0x7C8499FF,
0x992E1EFF, 0x2C1E08FF, 0x142407FF, 0x993E4DFF, 0x1E4C99FF, 0x198181FF, 0x1A292AFF, 0x16616FFF, 0x1B6687FF, 0x6C3F99FF,
0x481A0EFF, 0x7A7399FF, 0x746D99FF, 0x53387EFF, 0x222407FF, 0x3E190CFF, 0x46210EFF, 0x991E1EFF, 0x8D4C8DFF, 0x805B80FF,
0x7B3E7EFF, 0x3C1737FF, 0x733517FF, 0x781818FF, 0x83341AFF, 0x8E2F1CFF, 0x7E3E53FF, 0x7C6D7CFF, 0x020C02FF, 0x072407FF,
0x163012FF, 0x16301BFF, 0x642B4FFF, 0x368452FF, 0x999590FF, 0x818D96FF, 0x99991EFF, 0x7F994CFF, 0x839292FF, 0x788222FF,
0x2B3C99FF, 0x3A3A0BFF, 0x8A794EFF, 0x0E1F49FF, 0x15371CFF, 0x15273AFF, 0x375775FF, 0x060820FF, 0x071326FF, 0x20394BFF,
0x2C5089FF, 0x15426CFF, 0x103250FF, 0x241663FF, 0x692015FF, 0x8C8D94FF, 0x516013FF, 0x090F02FF, 0x8C573AFF, 0x52888EFF,
0x995C52FF, 0x99581EFF, 0x993A63FF, 0x998F4EFF, 0x99311EFF, 0x0D1842FF, 0x521E1EFF, 0x42420DFF, 0x4C991EFF, 0x082A1DFF,
0x96821DFF, 0x197F19FF, 0x3B141FFF, 0x745217FF, 0x893F8DFF, 0x7E1A6CFF, 0x0B370BFF, 0x27450DFF, 0x071F24FF, 0x784573FF,
0x8A653AFF, 0x732617FF, 0x319490FF, 0x56941DFF, 0x59163DFF, 0x1B8A2FFF, 0x38160BFF, 0x041804FF, 0x355D8EFF, 0x2E3F5BFF,
0x561A28FF, 0x4E0E27FF, 0x706C67FF, 0x3B3E42FF, 0x2E2D33FF, 0x7B7E7DFF, 0x4A4442FF, 0x28344EFF