Skins List

This page contains every available skin, to be used with SetPlayerSkin and GetPlayerSkin.


These skins (3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 42, 65, 86, 119, 149, 208, 273, 289) were added in SA-MP 0.3d RC5 and will not work in earlier versions!

Skin IDPreviewSkin Model NameSingleplayer LocationGender
0Skin ID 0Carl "CJ" Johnson (Main Character)AnywhereMale
1Skin ID 1The TruthSan Fierro and Las VenturasMale
2Skin ID 2MaccerLas Venturas and Los SantosMale
3Skin ID 3AndreUnknownMale
4Skin ID 4Barry "Big Bear" Thorne [Thin]Los SantosMale
5Skin ID 5Barry "Big Bear" Thorne [Big]Los SantosMale
6Skin ID 6EmmetLos SantosMale
7Skin ID 7Taxi Driver/Train DriverSan AndreasMale
8Skin ID 8Janitor4 Dragons CasinoMale
9Skin ID 9Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
10Skin ID 10Old WomanSan AndreasFemale
11Skin ID 11Casino croupierLas Venturas CasinosFemale
12Skin ID 12Rich WomanSan AndreasFemale
13Skin ID 13Street GirlSan AndreasFemale
14Skin ID 14Normal PedSan AndreasMale
15Skin ID 15Mr.Whittaker (RS Haul Owner)San AndreasMale
16Skin ID 16Airport Ground WorkerAirportsMale
17Skin ID 17BusinessmanSan AndreasMale
18Skin ID 18Beach VisitorBeaches of SAMale
19Skin ID 19DJSan AndreasMale
20Skin ID 20Rich Guy (Madd Dogg's Manager)San AndreasMale
21Skin ID 21Normal PedSan AndreasMale
22Skin ID 22Normal PedSan AndreasMale
23Skin ID 23BMXerLos SantosMale
24Skin ID 24Madd Dogg BodyguardMadd Dogg's MansionMale
25Skin ID 25Madd Dogg BodyguardMadd Dogg's MansionMale
26Skin ID 26BackpackerSan AndreasMale
27Skin ID 27Construction WorkerDohertyMale
28Skin ID 28Drug DealerLos SantosMale
29Skin ID 29Drug DealerSan FierroMale
30Skin ID 30Drug DealerLas VenturasMale
31Skin ID 31Farm-Town inhabitantSan AndreasFemale
32Skin ID 32Farm-Town inhabitantSan AndreasMale
33Skin ID 33Farm-Town inhabitantSan AndreasMale
34Skin ID 34Farm-Town inhabitantSan AndreasMale
35Skin ID 35GardenerSan AndreasMale
36Skin ID 36GolferSan AndreasMale
37Skin ID 37GolferSan AndreasMale
38Skin ID 38Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
39Skin ID 39Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
40Skin ID 40Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
41Skin ID 41Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
42Skin ID 42JethroSan FierroMale
43Skin ID 43Normal PedSan AndreasMale
44Skin ID 44Normal PedSan AndreasMale
45Skin ID 45Beach VisitorBeaches of SAMale
46Skin ID 46Normal PedSan AndreasMale
47Skin ID 47Normal PedSan AndreasMale
48Skin ID 48Normal PedSan AndreasMale
49Skin ID 49Snakehead (Da Nang)San AndreasMale
50Skin ID 50MechanicSan AndreasMale
51Skin ID 51Mountain BikerSan AndreasMale
52Skin ID 52Mountain BikerSan AndreasMale
53Skin ID 53UnknownSan AndreasFemale
54Skin ID 54Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
55Skin ID 55Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
56Skin ID 56Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
57Skin ID 57Oriental PedSan AndreasMale
58Skin ID 58Oriental PedSan AndreasMale
59Skin ID 59Normal PedSan AndreasMale
60Skin ID 60Normal PedSan AndreasMale
61Skin ID 61PilotSan AndreasMale
62Skin ID 62Colonel FuhrbergerSan AndreasMale
63Skin ID 63ProstituteSan AndreasFemale
64Skin ID 64ProstituteSan AndreasFemale
65Skin ID 65Kendl JohnsonLos Santos and San FierroFemale
66Skin ID 66Pool PlayerBarsMale
67Skin ID 67Pool PlayerBars Works at Dillimore Gas StationMale
68Skin ID 68Priest/PreacherLas VenturasMale
69Skin ID 69Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
70Skin ID 70ScientistArea 69Male
71Skin ID 71Security GuardAirport Guard BoxesMale
72Skin ID 72HippySan AndreasMale
73Skin ID 73HippySan FierroMale
74Skin ID 74---
75Skin ID 75ProstituteSan AndreasFemale
76Skin ID 76StewardessSan AndreasFemale
77Skin ID 77HomelessSan AndreasFemale
78Skin ID 78HomelessSan AndreasMale
79Skin ID 79HomelessSan AndreasMale
80Skin ID 80BoxerSan Andreas GymsMale
81Skin ID 81BoxerSan Andreas GymsMale
82Skin ID 82Black ElvisLas VenturasMale
83Skin ID 83White ElvisLas VenturasMale
84Skin ID 84Blue ElvisLas VenturasMale
85Skin ID 85ProstituteSan AndreasFemale
86Skin ID 86Ryder with robbery maskLos SantosMale
87Skin ID 87StripperSan AndreasFemale
88Skin ID 88Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
89Skin ID 89Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
90Skin ID 90JoggerSan AndreasFemale
91Skin ID 91Rich WomanSan AndreasFemale
92Skin ID 92RollerskaterBeaches of SAFemale
93Skin ID 93Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
94Skin ID 94Normal PedSan AndreasMale
95Skin ID 95Normal PedWorks at or owns Dillimore Gas Station San AndreasMale
96Skin ID 96JoggerSan AndreasMale
97Skin ID 97LifeguardBeachesMale
98Skin ID 98Normal PedSan AndreasMale
99Skin ID 99RollerskaterSan AndreasMale
100Skin ID 100BikerSan AndreasMale
101Skin ID 101Normal PedSan AndreasMale
102Skin ID 102BallaLos SantosMale
103Skin ID 103BallaLos SantosMale
104Skin ID 104BallaLos SantosMale
105Skin ID 105Grove Street FamiliesLos SantosMale
106Skin ID 106Grove Street FamiliesLos SantosMale
107Skin ID 107Grove Street FamiliesLos SantosMale
108Skin ID 108Los Santos VagosLos SantosMale
109Skin ID 109Los Santos VagosLos SantosMale
110Skin ID 110Los Santos VagosLos SantosMale
111Skin ID 111The Russian MafiaAround SAMale
112Skin ID 112The Russian MafiaAround SAMale
113Skin ID 113The Russian MafiaAround SAMale
114Skin ID 114Varios Los AztecasLos SantosMale
115Skin ID 115Varios Los AztecasLos SantosMale
116Skin ID 116Varios Los AztecasLos SantosMale
117Skin ID 117TriadSan FierroMale
118Skin ID 118TriadSan FierroMale
119Skin ID 119Johhny SindaccoLas VenturasMale
120Skin ID 120Triad BossSan FierroMale
121Skin ID 121Da Nang BoySan FierroMale
122Skin ID 122Da Nang BoySan FierroMale
123Skin ID 123Da Nang BoySan FierroMale
124Skin ID 124The MafiaLas VenturasMale
125Skin ID 125The MafiaLas VenturasMale
126Skin ID 126The MafiaLas VenturasMale
127Skin ID 127The MafiaLas VenturasMale
128Skin ID 128Farm InhabitantSan AndreasMale
129Skin ID 129Farm InhabitantSan AndreasFemale
130Skin ID 130Farm InhabitantSan AndreasFemale
131Skin ID 131Farm InhabitantSan AndreasFemale
132Skin ID 132Farm InhabitantSan AndreasMale
133Skin ID 133Farm InhabitantSan AndreasMale
134Skin ID 134HomelessSan AndreasMale
135Skin ID 135HomelessSan AndreasMale
136Skin ID 136Normal PedSan AndreasMale
137Skin ID 137HomelessSan AndreasMale
138Skin ID 138Beach VisitorBeaches of SAFemale
139Skin ID 139Beach VisitorBeaches of SAFemale
140Skin ID 140Beach VisitorBeaches of SAFemale
141Skin ID 141BusinesswomanSan AndreasFemale
142Skin ID 142Taxi DriverSan FierroMale
143Skin ID 143Crack MakerSan AndreasMale
144Skin ID 144Crack MakerSan AndreasMale
145Skin ID 145Crack MakerBeaches of SAFemale
146Skin ID 146Crack MakerBeaches of SAMale
147Skin ID 147BusinessmanSan AndreasMale
148Skin ID 148BusinesswomanSan AndreasFemale
149Skin ID 149Big Smoke ArmoredLos SantosMale
150Skin ID 150BusinesswomanSan AndreasFemale
151Skin ID 151Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
152Skin ID 152ProstituteSan AndreasFemale
153Skin ID 153Construction WorkerSan AndreasMale
154Skin ID 154Beach VisitorBeaches of SAMale
155Skin ID 155Well Stacked Pizza WorkerWell Stacked Pizza co.Male
156Skin ID 156BarberSan AndreasMale
157Skin ID 157HillbillySan AndreasFemale
158Skin ID 158FarmerSan AndreasMale
159Skin ID 159HillbillySan AndreasMale
160Skin ID 160HillbillySan AndreasMale
161Skin ID 161FarmerSan AndreasMale
162Skin ID 162HillbillySan AndreasMale
163Skin ID 163Black BouncerSan AndreasMale
164Skin ID 164White BouncerSan AndreasMale
165Skin ID 165White MIB agentSan AndreasMale
166Skin ID 166Black MIB agentSan AndreasMale
167Skin ID 167Cluckin' Bell WorkerCluckin' BellMale
168Skin ID 168Hotdog/Chilli Dog VendorHotdog vans and chilli dog cartsMale
169Skin ID 169Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
170Skin ID 170Normal PedSan AndreasMale
171Skin ID 171Blackjack DealerCasinosMale
172Skin ID 172Casino croupierCasinosFemale
173Skin ID 173San Fierro RifaSan FierroMale
174Skin ID 174San Fierro RifaSan FierroMale
175Skin ID 175San Fierro RifaSan FierroMale
176Skin ID 176BarberSan AndreasMale
177Skin ID 177BarberSan AndreasMale
178Skin ID 178WhoreSan AndreasFemale
179Skin ID 179Ammunation SalesmanAmmunationMale
180Skin ID 180Tattoo ArtistTattoo ShopsMale
181Skin ID 181PunkSan AndreasMale
182Skin ID 182Cab DriverSan AndreasMale
183Skin ID 183Normal PedSan AndreasMale
184Skin ID 184Normal PedSan AndreasMale
185Skin ID 185Normal PedSan AndreasMale
186Skin ID 186Normal PedSan AndreasMale
187Skin ID 187BusinessmanSan AndreasMale
188Skin ID 188Normal PedSan AndreasMale
189Skin ID 189ValetSan FierroMale
190Skin ID 190Barbara SchternvartEl QuebradosFemale
191Skin ID 191Helena WanksteinBlueberryFemale
192Skin ID 192Michelle CannesSan FierroFemale
193Skin ID 193Katie ZhanSan FierroFemale
194Skin ID 194Millie PerkinsLas VenturasFemale
195Skin ID 195Denise RobinsonLos SantosFemale
196Skin ID 196Farm-Town inhabitantSan AndreasFemale
197Skin ID 197HillbillySan AndreasFemale
198Skin ID 198Farm-Town inhabitantSan AndreasFemale
199Skin ID 199Farm-Town inhabitantSan AndreasFemale
200Skin ID 200HillbillySan AndreasMale
201Skin ID 201FarmerSan AndreasFemale
202Skin ID 202FarmerSan AndreasMale
203Skin ID 203Karate TeacherSan Fierro GymMale
204Skin ID 204Karate TeacherSan Fierro GymMale
205Skin ID 205Burger Shot CashierBurger ShotFemale
206Skin ID 206Cab DriverSan AndreasMale
207Skin ID 207ProstituteSan AndreasFemale
208Skin ID 208Su Xi Mu (Suzie)San FierroMale
209Skin ID 209Oriental Noodle stand vendorNoodle standsMale
210Skin ID 210Oriental Boating School InstructorBoating SchoolMale
211Skin ID 211Clothes shop staffClothes shopsFemale
212Skin ID 212HomelessSan AndreasMale
213Skin ID 213Weird old manSan AndreasMale
214Skin ID 214Waitress (Maria Latore)Caligulas Casino (cutscene only)Female
215Skin ID 215Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
216Skin ID 216Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
217Skin ID 217Clothes shop staffClothes shopsMale
218Skin ID 218Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
219Skin ID 219Rich WomanSan AndreasFemale
220Skin ID 220Cab DriverSan FierroMale
221Skin ID 221Normal PedSan AndreasMale
222Skin ID 222Normal PedSan AndreasMale
223Skin ID 223Normal PedSan AndreasMale
224Skin ID 224Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
225Skin ID 225Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
226Skin ID 226Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
227Skin ID 227Oriental BusinessmanSan AndreasMale
228Skin ID 228Oriental PedSan AndreasMale
229Skin ID 229Oriental PedSan AndreasMale
230Skin ID 230HomelessSan AndreasMale
231Skin ID 231Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
232Skin ID 232Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
233Skin ID 233Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
234Skin ID 234Cab DriverSan AndreasMale
235Skin ID 235Normal PedSan AndreasMale
236Skin ID 236Normal PedSan AndreasMale
237Skin ID 237ProstituteSan AndreasFemale
238Skin ID 238ProstituteSan AndreasFemale
239Skin ID 239HomelessSan AndreasMale
240Skin ID 240The D.ASan FierroMale
241Skin ID 241Afro-AmericanSan AndreasMale
242Skin ID 242MexicanSan AndreasMale
243Skin ID 243ProstituteSan AndreasFemale
244Skin ID 244StripperSan AndreasFemale
245Skin ID 245ProstituteSan AndreasFemale
246Skin ID 246StripperSan AndreasFemale
247Skin ID 247BikerSan AndreasMale
248Skin ID 248BikerSan AndreasMale
249Skin ID 249PimpSan FierroMale
250Skin ID 250Normal PedSan AndreasMale
251Skin ID 251LifeguardBeachesFemale
252Skin ID 252Naked ValetSan Fierro (mission only)Male
253Skin ID 253Bus DriverSan FierroMale
254Skin ID 254Biker Drug DealerSan AndreasMale
255Skin ID 255Chauffeur (Limo Driver)San AndreasMale
256Skin ID 256StripperSan AndreasFemale
257Skin ID 257StripperSan AndreasFemale
258Skin ID 258HecklerSan AndreasMale
259Skin ID 259HecklerSan AndreasMale
260Skin ID 260Construction WorkerSan FierroMale
261Skin ID 261Cab driverSan AndreasMale
262Skin ID 262Cab driverSan AndreasMale
263Skin ID 263Normal PedSan AndreasFemale
264Skin ID 264Clown (Ice-cream Van Driver)San Andreas (Driving ice-cream vans (Mr.Whoopee))Male
265Skin ID 265Officer Frank Tenpenny (Corrupt Cop)MissionsMale
266Skin ID 266Officer Eddie Pulaski (Corrupt Cop)MissionsMale
267Skin ID 267Officer Jimmy HernandezMissionsMale
268Skin ID 268Dwaine/DwayneSan Fierro (Missions)Male
269Skin ID 269Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris (Mission)Los SantosMale
270Skin ID 270Sean 'Sweet' JohnsonLos Santos/San Fierro (Missions)Male
271Skin ID 271Lance 'Ryder' WilsonLos Santos/San Fierro (Missions)Male
272Skin ID 272Mafia BossLos SantosMale
273Skin ID 273T-Bone MendezSan FierroMale
274Skin ID 274Paramedic (Emergency Medical Technician)Los SantosMale
275Skin ID 275Paramedic (Emergency Medical Technician)Las VenturasMale
276Skin ID 276Paramedic (Emergency Medical Technician)San FierroMale
277Skin ID 277FirefighterLos SantosMale
278Skin ID 278FirefighterLas VenturasMale
279Skin ID 279FirefighterSan FierroMale
280Skin ID 280Los Santos Police OfficerLos SantosMale
281Skin ID 281San Fierro Police OfficerSan FierroMale
282Skin ID 282Las Venturas Police OfficerLas VenturasMale
283Skin ID 283County SheriffCountrysideMale
284Skin ID 284LSPD Motorbike CopSan AndreasMale
285Skin ID 285S.W.A.T Special ForcesSan AndreasMale
286Skin ID 286FBI AgentSan AndreasMale
287Skin ID 287San Andreas Army SoldierSan AndreasMale
288Skin ID 288Desert SheriffDesertMale
289Skin ID 289ZeroSan FierroMale
290Skin ID 290Ken RosenbergLas-Venturas CasinoMale
291Skin ID 291Kent PaulLV/LSMale
292Skin ID 292Cesar VialpandoLS/SFMale
293Skin ID 293Jeffery "OG Loc" Martin/CrossLos-Santos Burger ShotMale
294Skin ID 294Wu Zi Mu (Woozie)San Fierro and Las VenturasMale
295Skin ID 295Michael Toreno (Mike)Las Venturas and San FierroMale
296Skin ID 296Jizzy B.San Fierro The Pleasure DomesMale
297Skin ID 297Madd DoggMadd Dogg's Mansion Los SantosMale
298Skin ID 298CatalinaFern RidgeFemale
299Skin ID 299Claude SpeedCutscene OnlyMale

Additional skins

These skins (300 to 311) were added in SA-MP 0.3.7 RC3 and will not work in earlier versions! :::
Skin IDPreviewSkin Model NameSingleplayer LocationGender
300Skin ID 300Los Santos Police Officer (Without gun holster)-Male
301Skin ID 301San Fierro Police Officer (Without gun holster)-Male
302Skin ID 302Las Venturas Police Officer (Without gun holster)-Male
303Skin ID 303Los Santos Police Officer (Without uniform)-Male
304Skin ID 304Los Santos Police Officer (Without uniform)-Male
305Skin ID 305Las Venturas Police Officer (Without uniform)-Male
306Skin ID 306Los Santos Police Officer-Female
307Skin ID 307San Fierro Police Officer-Female
308Skin ID 308San Fierro Paramedic (Emergency Medical Technician)-Female
309Skin ID 309Las Venturas Police Officer-Female
310Skin ID 310Country Sheriff (Without hat)-Male
311Skin ID 311Desert Sheriff (Without hat)-Male