Player States

This page compiles the list of all the player states to be used with the GetPlayerState function or OnPlayerStateChange callback. Both pages contain examples on how to use the values below.


0PLAYER_STATE_NONEEmpty (while initializing)
1PLAYER_STATE_ONFOOTPlayer is on foot
2PLAYER_STATE_DRIVERPlayer is the driver of a vehicle
3PLAYER_STATE_PASSENGERPlayer is passenger of a vehicle
4PLAYER_STATE_EXIT_VEHICLEPlayer exits a vehicle
5PLAYER_STATE_ENTER_VEHICLE_DRIVERPlayer enters a vehicle as driver
6PLAYER_STATE_ENTER_VEHICLE_PASSENGERPlayer enters a vehicle as passenger
7PLAYER_STATE_WASTEDPlayer is dead or on class selection
8PLAYER_STATE_SPAWNEDPlayer is spawned
9PLAYER_STATE_SPECTATINGPlayer is spectating