Pickup Types

Available Pickup Types


Most other IDs are either undocumented or are similar to type 1 (but do not use them just because they seem similar to ID 1, they might have side-effects like ID 18 and 20).

0The pickup does not always display. If displayed, it can't be picked up and does not trigger OnPlayerPickUpPickup and it will stay after server shutdown.
1Exists always. Disables pickup scripts such as horseshoes and oysters to allow for scripted actions ONLY. Will trigger OnPlayerPickUpPickup every few seconds.
2Disappears after pickup, respawns after 30 seconds if the player is at a distance of at least 15 meters.
3Disappears after pickup, respawns after death.
4Disappears after 15 to 20 seconds. Respawns after death.
8Disappears after pickup, but has no effect.
11Blows up a few seconds after being created (bombs?)
12Blows up a few seconds after being created.
13Invisible. Triggers checkpoint sound when picked up with a vehicle, but doesn't trigger OnPlayerPickUpPickup.
14Disappears after pickup, can only be picked up with a vehicle. Triggers checkpoint sound.
15Same as type 2.
18Similar to type 1. Pressing Tab (KEY_ACTION) makes it disappear but the key press doesn't trigger OnPlayerPickUpPickup.
19Disappears after pickup, but doesn't respawn. Makes "cash pickup" sound if picked up.
20Similar to type 1. Disappears when you take a picture of it with the Camera weapon, which triggers "Snapshot # out of 0" message. Taking a picture doesn't trigger OnPlayerPickUpPickup.
22Same as type 3.