Network Stats

Download RateThe rate at which data is being downloaded from the server.
Upload RateThe rate at which data is being uploaded to the server.
VehiclesThe number of vehicles that are streamed in for the client.
Vehicle ModelsThe number of different vehicle models that are streamed in for the client.
Vehicle Models LoadedThe number of (pre-)loaded vehicle models.
RWObjectsNumber of rendered objects.
PedSlotsUsedNumber of ped slots used (NPCs/players use a 'ped' slot).
ObjectSlotsUsedObject slots used.
OnFoot Send RateThe rate (in MS) at which on-foot data is being synced. Can be set in server.cfg.
Streaming Mem (Memory) Used (Also shows total allowance)The amount of streaming memory being used, and total available.
Messages in Send bufferThe number of network messages waiting to be sent.
Messages sentThe number of network messages sent.
Btyes sentThe amount of data (in bytes) sent.
Acks sentThe number of acks sent (acknowledge receipt of a packet).
Acks in send bufferNumber of acks waiting to be sent (acknowledge receipt of a packet).
Messages waiting for ackNumber of messages that are waiting to be acknowledged as recieved.
Messages resentMessages resent (packetloss?).
Bytes resentThe amount of data resent (in bytes).
PacketlossThe percentage of packets that were sent but never recieved by the other end (lost).
Messages recievedThe number of network messages recieved from the server.
Bytes recievedThe amount of data recieved (in bytes).
Acks recievedNumber of acks recieved (acknowledge receipt of a packet).
Duplicate acks recievedNumber of duplicate (already recieved) acks recieved.