Camera Modes


A list of possible camera modes to be used with GetPlayerCameraMode.


There might still be more usable IDs hidden away in the game and some IDs are used for more than one situation.


3Train/tram camera.
4Follow ped (normal behind player camera).
7Sniper aiming.
8Rocket Launcher aiming.
15Fixed camera (non-moving) - used for Pay 'n' Spray, chase camera, tune shops, entering buildings, buying food etc.
16Vehicle front camera, bike side camera.
18Normal car (+skimmer+helicopter+airplane), several variable distances.
22Normal boat camera.
46Camera weapon aiming.
51Heat-seeking Rocket Launcher aiming.
53Aiming any other weapon.
55Vehicle passenger drive-by camera.
56Chase camera: helicopter/bird view.
57Chase camera: ground camera, zooms in very quickly. (Similar to 56, but on the ground.)
58Chase camera: horizontal flyby past vehicle.
59Chase camera (for air vehicles only): ground camera, looking up to the air vehicle.
62Chase camera (for air vehicles only): vertical flyby past air vehicle.
63Chase camera (for air vehicles only): horizontal flyby past air vehicle (similar to 58 and 62).
64Chase camera (for air vehicles only): camera focused on pilot, similar to pressing LOOK_BEHIND key on foot, but in air vehicle.