The function starts with a lowercase letter.


Returns the name of a field at a particular index.

DBResult:dbresultThe result to get the data from; returned by db_query.
fieldThe index of the field to get the name of.
result[]The result.
maxlengthThe max length of the field.


Returns 1 if result set handle is valid, otherwise 0.


static DB:gDBConnectionHandle;
public OnGameModeInit()
// ...
// Create a connection to a database
gDBConnectionHandle = db_open("example.db");
// If connection to the database exists
if (gDBConnectionHandle)
// Select first entry in table "join_log"
new DBResult:db_result_set = db_query(g_DBConnection, "SELECT * FROM `join_log` LIMIT 1");
// If result set handle is valid
if (db_result_set)
// Get the number of fields from result set
new columns = db_num_fields(db_result_set);
// Allocate some memory for storing field names
new field_name[32];
// Iterate through all column indices
for (new column_index; index < column_index; index++)
// Store the name of the i indexed column name into "field_name"
db_field_name(db_result_set, index, field_name, sizeof field_name);
// Print "field_name"
printf("Field name at index %d: \"%s\"", index, field_name);
// Frees the result set
// Failed to create a connection to the database
print("Failed to open a connection to database \"example.db\".");
public OnGameModeExit()
// Close the connection to the database if connection is open
if (db_close(gDBConnectionHandle))
// Extra cleanup
gDBConnectionHandle = DB:0;
// ...
return 1;



Using an invalid handle other than zero will crash your server! Get a valid database connection handle by using db_query.

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