This function can be used to change the spawn information of a specific player. It allows you to automatically set someone's spawn weapons, their team, skin and spawn position, normally used in case of minigames or automatic-spawn systems. This function is more crash-safe then using SetPlayerSkin in OnPlayerSpawn and/or OnPlayerRequestClass, even though this has been fixed in 0.2.

playeridThe PlayerID of who you want to set the spawn information.
teamThe Team-ID of the chosen player.
skinThe skin which the player will spawn with.
Float:XThe X-coordinate of the player's spawn position.
Float:YThe Y-coordinate of the player's spawn position.
Float:ZThe Z-coordinate of the player's spawn position.
Float:rotationThe direction in which the player needs to be facing after spawning.
weapon1The first spawn-weapon for the player.
weapon1_ammoThe amount of ammunition for the primary spawnweapon.
weapon2The second spawn-weapon for the player.
weapon2_ammoThe amount of ammunition for the second spawnweapon.
weapon3The third spawn-weapon for the player.
weapon3_ammoThe amount of ammunition for the third spawnweapon.


This function does not return any specific values.


public OnPlayerRequestClass(playerid, classid)
// This simple example demonstrates how to spawn every player automatically with
// CJ's skin, which is number 0. The player will spawn in Las Venturas, with
// 36 Sawnoff-Shotgun rounds and 150 Tec9 rounds.
SetSpawnInfo( playerid, 0, 0, 1958.33, 1343.12, 15.36, 269.15, 26, 36, 28, 150, 0, 0 );

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