Kicks a player from the server. They will have to quit the game and re-connect if they wish to continue playing.

playeridThe ID of the player to kick.


This function always returns 1, even if the function failed to execute (player specified doesn't exist).



As of SA-MP 0.3x, any action taken directly before Kick() (such as sending a message with SendClientMessage) will not reach the player. A timer must be used to delay the kick.


// In order to display a message (eg. reason) for the player before the connection is closed
// you have to use a timer to create a delay. This delay only needs to be a few milliseconds long,
// but this example uses a full second just to be on the safe side.
public OnPlayerCommandText(playerid, cmdtext[])
if (strcmp(cmdtext, "/kickme", true) == 0)
// Kick the player who executed this command.
// First, send them a message.
SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xFF0000FF, "You have been kicked!");
// Actually kick them a second later on a timer.
SetTimerEx("DelayedKick", 1000, false, "i", playerid);
return 1;
return 0;
forward DelayedKick(playerid);
public DelayedKick(playerid)
return 1;

Related Functions

  • Ban: Ban a player from playing on the server.
  • BanEx: Ban a player with a custom reason.