Ban a player with a reason.

playeridThe ID of the player to ban.
reasonThe reason for the ban.


This function does not return any specific values.


public OnPlayerCommandText( playerid, cmdtext[] )
if (!strcmp(cmdtext, "/banme", true))
// Bans the player who executed this command and includes a reason ("Request")
BanEx(playerid, "Request");
return 1;
/*In order to display a message (eg. reason) for the player before the connection is closed
you have to use a timer to create a delay. This delay needs only to be a few milliseconds long,
but this example uses a full second just to be on the safe side.*/
forward BanExPublic(playerid, reason[]);
public BanExPublic(playerid, reason[])
BanEx(playerid, reason);
stock BanExWithMessage(playerid, color, message[], reason[])
//reason - The ban reason to be used for BanEx.
SendClientMessage(playerid, color, message);
SetTimerEx("BanExPublic", 1000, false, "ds", playerid, reason);
public OnPlayerCommandText(playerid, cmdtext[])
if (strcmp(cmdtext, "/banme", true) == 0)
//Bans the player who executed this command.
BanExWithMessage(playerid, 0xFF0000FF, "You have been banned!", "Request");
return 1;
return 0;



As of SA-MP 0.3x, any action taken directly before BanEx() (such as sending a message with SendClientMessage) will not reach the player. A timer must be used to delay the ban.

Related Functions

  • Ban: Ban a player from playing on the server.
  • Kick: Kick a player from the server.