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SA:MP has certain limitations, below is a table of most limits that are in SA:MP.

Script Property 0.3.7
Players 1000
Vehicles(4) 2000
Vehicle Models Unlimited(1)
Objects(4) 1000
Virtual Worlds 2,147,483,647
Interiors 255
Classes 320
Map Icons(4) 100
Race Checkpoints(4) 1
Checkpoints(4) 1
Pickups(4) 4096
Global 3D Labels(4) 1024
Per-player 3D Text Labels(4) 1024
Chat Bubble String 144 characters
SetObjectMaterialText,SetPlayerObjectMaterialText Text length 2048 characters
Gangzones 1024
Menus 128
Attached player objects 10
Player Variables 800
Actors (since 0.3.7)(4)(5) 1000
Server Property 0.3.7
Gamemodes 16
Filterscripts 16
Text Input (Chat/Commands) 128 cells (512 bytes)
Text Output 144 cells (576 bytes)
Name Length (SetPlayerName) 24 characters
Textdraws 0.3.7
String Length 1024 characters(2)
Shown In A Single Client's Screen 2048 + 256(3)
Shown In A Single Client's Screen (sprites) 100
Created Serverwise ( Global) 2048
Created Serverwise ( Per-Player) 256
Dialogs 0.3.7
Dialog IDs 32767
Info (Main text) 4096
Caption 64
Tab List Column Characters (DIALOG_STYLE_TABLIST(_HEADERS)) 128
Tab List Row Characters (DIALOG_STYLE_TABLIST(_HEADERS)) 256


  • (1) Although the vehicle model limit in 0.3 is unlimited, if you use a large amount of vehicle models, you may notice parts of your mode become framey as vehicle models are dynamically loaded/unloaded. Keeping the number of vehicle models below 150 is a good idea.
  • (2) Although the textdraw string limit is 1024 characters, if colour codes (e.g. ~r~) are used beyond the 255th character it may crash the client.
  • (3) It is possible to show all Textdraws at the same time for one player, however this is not recommended.
  • (4) To circumvent these limits, it is possible to use a streamer. Streamers work by only creating the objects/vehicles etc. that are close to players. See here (vehicles not supported, but there are streamers out there for those).
  • (5) Due to client limitations only up to 51 actors may actually be shown at a time.
  • Vehicle ids go from 1 to 1999, even if MAX_VEHICLES is 2000.